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Main Page
Hello. You are about to visit my habitual home page.I am a Govorukhin Alexey. Here you'll find all, or not all about me, my family, and my projects, that was made with AVR Microcontrollers from Atmel. At the moment, my favorite Microcontroller is AVR ATMega128

Yes, i know, that it is an Error to make a func names like here in some places, with spaces and in russian, but this is just a Style of this site.

struct News

TNewsItem News_2008_07_01;
Portraits in Oil and in other Techniques!
We have opened a new site:

TNewsItem News_2008_06_01;
Oil portrait!
If you wirte us an e-mail you can place an order for your portrait from your photo. Here you can view some examples of our work. There is not too much of them here, but we are working on it. This offer is only for Germany

TNewsItem News_2007_07_07;
Have made one more Project. FanControl_2 it's name. Serves to all mankind. Ventilates an area around my Server.

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